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Estonian leatherwork is an exceptional  phenomenon in the world of arts and crafts. The artists of the Leather Studio of  Katariina Guild, Pille Kivihall and Jane Rannamets, were both educated at the  leather art department of the Estonian National Art Institute (now the Estonian Academy of Art).

Both are dedicated to modern design in  bookbinding. Thus, the experimental nature of their exhibited works may  surprise in innumerable ways.

The Leather Studio also exhibits the  handbag collections of artists Leanika Korn, Piret Loog, Elina Randla and Marve  Riisalu, working in a variety of styles ranging from design and color to  minimalism. It showcases the  boxes,  coffers, and notebooks of Estonian leather art living classics Naima Suude, Ivi  Tafel, and Ene Voore; along with traditional mitten and glove designs of Evelyn  Toomistu and the masterly calligraphy of Heino Kivihall. There are also on  occasion other artists‘ works to delight and surprise.

The Leather Studio is an open studio  where students from Tallinn and Tartu as well as from Finland, Scotland,  Brazil, New York, and other far-ranging places of the globe have studied and  practiced their art.

The studio has also accepted and  fulfilled special orders as well as provided assistance and advice to others in  the field. It continues that tradition still.




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