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... was the second of Katariina Guild’s studios, opened on 4 April 1994 by two  artists Elvira Liiver and Liivia Leškin. The project had its beginning with the  small store, “Tallinn Hats and Caps”, in the City Hall at the 1992 Walpurgis  Night. As the enthusiastically created project was warmly received by the  residents of Tallinn, both creators felt the need to deal in more depth with  such a project. At present both artisans work in separate studios in order that  the individuality of each can come to the fore.

Elvira  Liiver received her BA from the University of Tartu in history and has studied  textile restoration in Göteborg as well as painting, lace-making, and  quilt-making at the Open University of Culture. As a student of the history of  costume, Elvira knows that a head covering has been a status symbol through the  ages. Kunigunde hats have been inspired by just such historic head coverings;  the Tallinn history based hats are made together with Mari Sagur; they are made  of natural materials and decorated with Mari’s brooches.
The  inspiration for felt hats has come from the ‘20s and 30s through photographs of  the stylish women of Tallinn.

Kunigunde  Hatters is also pleased to share advice about hats along with inspiration. Each  visitor can discover a unique hat that is distinctive to her individuality or  one that is reminiscent of the history of Tallinn.



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