Ehtekoda, (jewelry studio) is the  working studio of Ülle Kõuts and Krista Laos.

KristaLaos works in silver with  the addition of gold detail and original and unique incorporations of pearls  and gemstones. Ülle Kõuts works in the technique of “Marriage of Metals”. Her  striped or dotted patterns are the result of the fusing of various metals. Thus  come about fusions of silver and new silver (nickel and copper mix), silver and brass,  or silver and gold.
Ülle Kõuts and Krista Laos are  graduates of the Estonian State Art Institute (now the Estonian Academy  of Arts). Their work has been exhibited in numerous shows both in Estonia and  internationally; both are members of the Estonian Artists’ Association, the Society  of Metal Artists, and the artists’ association “ON Grupp”. Their works are also  in the permanent collection of the Estonian Museum of Craft and Design. Their  work is also available at “A-Gallery” and “Gallery 2”.

In addition to the creations of  Ülle Kõuts and Krista Laos, Ehtekoda also displays the work of Mari  Pärtelpoeg and Kristiine Pärtelpoeg.

The studio also accepts special  orders, which then become creations of the collaboration of the ideas of both  artist and customer.