Kaire Tali Studio



The textile studio “Kaunitar ja  koletis (Beauty and the Beast)” entices one to discover a world of femininity  and color. In the wealth of its techniques and materials, textile design is  always distinctive to the artist, and Kaire Tali likes to use diverse materials  in her creations. Both large and small tapestries tell their stories:  voluminous scarves lure one to touch and to try on: what is the material  they are made of? The silk scarves are either hand painted or else fitted  together from materials not conventionally used together. Kaire Tali also  enjoys designing and making orders to fulfill a customer’s imagination; here a  client can find the exact color and style of accessory for herself or for the  home.

Kaire Tali graduated in 1983 from  the Estonian State  Art Institute (now the Estonian Academy of Art) with a  specialization in textile design, and belongs to the Estonian Artists’ Association,  to the Estonian Society of Textile Artists, and is a founding member of the  Estonian Design Society. She is a member of the association of tapestry artists  “Vaba tahe”, which has met and formulated its plans in the textile studio since  1997. The association comprises various generations of artists who are united  by active participation in exhibitions and by the desire to preserve and  maintain the traditions of tapestry weaving.  The studio is always open to young artists who want to try out in actual  practice the skills learned in school.