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... was the second of Katariina Guild’s studios, opened on 4 April 1994 by two  artists Elvira Liiver and Liivia Leškin. The project had its beginning with the  small store, “Tallinn Hats and Caps”, in the City Hall at the 1992 Walpurgis  Night.As the enthusiastically created project was warmly received by the  residents of Tallinn, both creators felt the need to deal in more depth with  such a project. At present both artisans work in separate studios in order that  the individuality of each can come to the fore.

Liivia  Leškin's studio represents all the techniques of Liivia's creations: designer  hats and clothing, textile design, and fashion drawing. The studio offers  expert advice and help in fashion. Articles in the designer's collection  receive their final form on the premises, in the collaboration between designer  and customer.

Liivia  Leškin was born on 4 October 1956 in Tallinn and graduated in 1980 from the  Estonian State Art Institute (now the Estonian Academy of Art) in fashion  design. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and fashion shows and is a  member of the Estonian Artists’ Association, the Estonian Association of Fashion Designers,  and the artists' association "ON Grupp".



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Liivia Leškin
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