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Ene and Anni’s Patchwork studio  began in 1995; it is a center for introducing, teaching, and advising in this  handicraft that is both old and new. The continuing interest in the technique  and the continual exhibitions in various regions of the country are a testament  to the art’s vitality and development potential. Anni Kreem and Ene Pars are  initiators of the Society of Estonian Quilt-makers.

Anni Kreem has devoted her work to  maintaining traditions. She finds and collects unique fabrics, enhancing their  value in larger or variously sized pieces. Anni was educated at the Tallinn  National Conservatory in theatre.

Ene Pars concentrates on  reinterpreting folkart traditions in the context of the present day. Her work  displays a unique and masterful combining of ethnographic textile patterns with  uncluttered basic designs. Her 2008 exhibition “Newly New” won her the Estonian  Cultural Fund prize for folk culture. Ene’s art education was at the Tallinn  Pedagogical Institute.

Maija-Liisa Kruus creates distinctive  wallhangings in quilts. Her art education is from the textile department of the  Estonian Academy of Art.

The work at Ene and Anni’s Quilt  Studio takes place directly in view of visitors, who can order textiles for the  home in all colors, sizes, and patterns. The guidance and contributions of the  artists transform each special quilted piece into something unique.

On the large worktable there is  often a mosaic of works in progress, these, in turn, inspiring ever newer and  more intriguing works.



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